Monday, February 22, 2016

What is Your Purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?   Why are you on this earth?  What purpose does God have for your life?   For this year?  For this month?  For today?

The answer is always the same.

To hear the voice of God and do His will whatever it is.

There is a notion preached by some that when we are in the “center of God’s perfect will” things are all perfect.  There are no challenges, and everything is falling together.   When God is showing us daily that He is at work and the pieces are fitting together nicely, THAT’S when we know we are doing what He has called us to do.


Scripture tells us in Philippians 3 that if we are to know Christ that we not only share in the power of his resurrection, but also in his suffering.  When Jesus was fulfilling God’s purpose for him, when He was in the CENTER of God’s will for Him, he was on a cross.

The times in my life where I have strongly felt that I was in my current role, position, or place “for such a time as this” have not been the easy times.  But the knowledge that I am where I am because I am supposed to be here — that God has given me the gifts, strengths and talents I need to face the challenges right before me — is a priceless feeling.

It reminds me of a song that was written while some of your were in grade school, but it is a powerful one.  Now that you know that you can’t skip it just because of it’s age.

I encourage you to listen to this song, to apply it to your life, and to realize that you are here… and you are HIS …. for such a time as this.

For Such a Time As This

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